Today, windows are not just openings filled with ordinary glass in a frame, with the only task being to let some light inside. It has become an important interior design component and even the minutest detail of its finishing is of utmost importance. We are a company with a long experience on the window-decoration market.

Everyone will find something suitable in our array of products we want to present here, to create a unique, modern, exclusive, traditional or stylish design. We offer excellent product quality, affordable prices, rich choice of colours and precision down to the minutest detail.

See our offer. If you have any questions, ask in our Sales Department.


Extensive choice of window
and free-hanging roller blinds


Wide range of accesories for draping curtains


PVC ceiling rails, kits
and accessories

Curtain accessories

Comprehensive array of accessories to help you arrange your curtains

Large offer

Learn our distinctive features on the market!
Extensive product catalogue Fast delivery

Dlaczego warto kupować w Profi-Styl?

Gwarantujemy Państwu dostępność naszych produktów dzięki pełnym stanom magazynowym.

Każdym Klientem opiekuje się specjalnie wyznaczony przedstawiciel handlowy.

Zamówienia realizujemy regularnie i w terminie, a przy kwocie powyżej 300 zł netto gwarantujemy transport gratis!

Nasz zespół z działu handlowego jest w stałym kontakcie z klientem.

Zapraszamy do współpracy!

  • Always complete stock
  • Fixed sales representatives' routes
  • Fixed product delivery dates
  • Free transport for orders starting from PLN 300

Our team

You are welcome to contact our Sales Department
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Dorota Bacik

Sales Department Manager
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Anetta Leszczyńska Pogoriełyj

Export Director
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Edyta Kaczmarek

Phone: +48 32 340 73 14
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Magdalena Bemben

Phone: +48 32 340 73 13
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Monika Pyka

Phone: +48 32 340 73 12
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Gabriela Borowiec

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