Various indoor roller blinds are one of solutions used most frequently today, for controlling the amount of light falling into the room. Thanks to their appealing, modern appearance and high functionality they are a great alternative to traditional textile curtains. They are strong, robust, easy to install and keep clean, resistant to sun rays and damage.

They help to create the atmosphere and thanks to the use of high-quality textiles and minimalist mechanism design, they complement any interior, offering a unique touch to it.
We offer plain textiles, textiles with texture and made from alternating transparent and opaque strips in a whole range of colours and with different opacity. From transparent blinds being a great window decoration to the ones blocking the light completely, dedicated for any rooms, including individual flats, offices, shop windows, projection rooms, public utility buildings. The blind dimensions match windows and balcony doors, and thanks to the appropriate structure the installation is quick and easy. korzysta z tzw. "cookies", korzystając ze strony wyrażasz zgodę na ich używanie. Dowiedz się więcej

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